Who Knows The Best Places To Shop For Pets? We do!

We are required to let readers know that we are compensated for our product reviews. We personally test the products to be able to provide the honest reviews you will read of products offered through our website.
question markIt occurred to me the other day that I’ve been adding affiliates left and right to our pages over the last year.  I know every one inside out…but if I were just coming to our site for the first time, would I know how to choose the best place to pet shop?  Probably not.  So…that’s what this post is all about.

Our Pet Food Providers

Dave and I use a variety of pet food providers–and we like to change things up once in awhile–either to give our pets some variety, or for nutritional reasons.  For instance, I just started giving our dogs ground flax seed with their food again–they’ve been getting some dry skin since we moved to New Mexico.  In the past, we only might have to give them this ingredient in the dead of an Ohio Winter.  But with less humidity here, we’ll need to give them this all year long.  In addition, Hoagy, our basset hound, and Little Dingle, our European tabby cat, need weight control food.

Because we need a variety of foods, we shop at a few different places through our website.  Let me highlight a few and their best features…

petbrosiaPet Food Providers For Dogs or Cats With Allergies, Special Diet Needs or a Nutritional Issue

We recommend Petbrosia–for food custom designed for your dog or cat. Their wholesome diets are matched to your pet’s health needs, made from all-natural ingredients grown and raised in America. Petbrosia matches your pet’s diet according to their breed, age, weight, and other health needs.

You can read here about our dog Hoagy’s vomiting issue and how it was solved with this product. Buy Petbrosia at Your Pet Food Space.

Only-Natural-Pet-StoreNatural Treats And Foods For Dogs And Cats

We buy from Only Natural Pet.  Our dogs love their natural training treats!  They have an unacceptable ingredients list you can view, so you fully understand what’s in your pet’s food.  They offer a 100% guarantee, support sustainability with their natural treats and foods for dogs and cats, and often feature sales of overstocked items. Shop Only Natural Pet at Your Pet Supply Space.

pet food direct logoIf Cost Is Your Main Concern, Try These Pet Food Providers

Pet Food Direct–Run by the same company as Only Natural Pet (Pet 360), they have an auto ship option on the least expensive foods so you get the best deal and never run out.  They also feature small pet food and accessories for birds, reptiles and fish.  And every purchase earns you PFD rewards–which can be used to get discounted items for your own pets, or donate food to shelter animals.  Shop Pet Food Direct in Your Pet Food Space.

petsmartPetsmart–A large variety of top brands and they often run specials through our website.  If you want to purchase products you saw in your local store but want the convenience of having them shipped to your door, buy at Petsmart through Your Pet Supply Space.

I want to also put in a plug here for the Petsmart training program, of which our training editor Tina Caldwell, is a member. With the SmartPet PromiseSM policy, training customers are guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction or they can take the class again for free (see your local store for details). And you can read about Tina here.

doggyloot logoDoggyloot–If you love a good deal and like shopping for bargains, you’ll love this! They dreamed up Doggyloot for two reasons: they think dogs make the world a better place, and they wanted to create a new, fun way for dog lovers to discover the very best chews, toys, treats and more at the very best prices.  Doggyloot aims to extend these same good vibes to your shopping experience. They help you find exactly what your hound craves at competitive prices, and then ship it all free, straight to your door. Their product team carefully researches and tests everything they sell–and do not carry any edibles made in China.  You can save up to 75% on treats, beds, even pet themed jewelry!  Check out their Toy Of The Month auto ship in Your Pet Supply Space.  We love it!

amazon logoAnd of course, Amazon!  Have an Amazon Prime Membership?  You can use it right on our site and get free two day shipping on most items.  When it’s critical we find the absolutely best price and the greatest variety of shopping options–we go here.  Shop Amazon at Your Pet Supply Space.

cherrybrookDog Show Supplies

Check out Cherrybrook–They are the exclusive sponsor of the American Kennel Club Online Store, have been the only general grooming and show ring supply vendor at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for over forty years and were named a Retailer of the Year by Pet Product News for their Outstanding Holistic Approach.  They carry everything from tack crates to agility training supplies–and even offer special colognes, stain removers and other enhancing items for your dog’s coat.  In addition, they carry cat supplies. Shop Cherrybrook at Your Pet Supply Space.

I certainly hope you can find everything you need in our shopping areas–and please feel free to drop us a note on the Contact Us page or engage us in Live Chat if there’s ever anything you need and cannot find on our website.  Until then…happy shopping!

Joy JonesJoy Jones, our Editor In Chief, is a syndicated columnist living with her husband Dave in Las Cruces, New Mexico. When not working on Your Pet Space, she writes a metaphysical column, as well as urban fantasy and humor. You can e-mail her at joy@yourpetspace.info as well as send her a friend request on Facebook.

Who Is Cafe Britt?

We are required to let readers know that we are compensated for our product reviews. We personally test the products to be able to provide the honest reviews you will read of products offered through our website.   

How Coffee Helps The Environment

We spend a good amount of time talking about animals and animal causes.  But once in awhile, we like to highlight one of our affiliates with whom we’re particularly proud to be associated.  Today, we’d like to introduce you to Cafe Britt (Grupo Britt NV) and show you how coffee helps the environment!

cafe britt logo

When we decided that we wanted to add a bookstore section to the YPS website, we wanted it to feel as close to a brick and mortar store as possible–including all the things you’d find in such an establishment.  We wanted not only books but vendors for greeting cards and audio books…and even tea and coffee.  But it was a bit more of a challenge to find a green coffee affiliate we liked.  Luckily, Cafe Britt agreed to join us!

golf cart

From the Cafe Britt website:

The Britt Shop Story

Since the mid 1990’s Britt thought of the International Airport in Costa Rica as a place where the traveler must find our products.

Back at that time there were no bids for shops, and the only souvenir shop was government owned and operated. The Company was able to adapt a golf cart and use it as a coffee cart, where customers could buy bags of Britt, and taste our Cappuccino, espresso and drip coffee by the cup.

Then in 2001 Britt won the bid to operate gift shops in the Costa Rican Airport. The Britt Shop concept grew beyond the airport and beyond Costa Rica.

Britt decided to expand internationally not so much by exporting its products, but primarily by exporting its business model. The Company decided to actively pursue international markets and invested in Perú (2005), Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles (2006), Chile (2007), Miami, St. Thomas (2008), Antigua and Barbuda (2009) and Mexico (2010).

Today, the Company employs over 1000 people with over 94 stores in 10 countries–everywhere from Miami, Florida to the island of Caledonia.


Costa Rica’s official standards authority has certified that all of Grupo Britt’s operations comply with international standards for environmental protection. This certification confirms our commitment to developing earth-friendly practices for all our products and services.

coffee beans

How Coffee Helps The Environment Part II

This is just one of the many reasons we’re excited to offer products from this affiliate on our site–they’re green!  (And likely to stay that way.)  They’re committed to providing gourmet coffees with the least environmental impact.  This type of thinking means a better life for animals everywhere!  Think about that, while you’re enjoying the coffee you purchase through YPS and reading a pet related book.  We do!

Even their store furnishings and display cases are selected to have the least toxic materials to the environment.  They use bags made from recycled plastics that are 100% biodegradable.  Some are even their own brand. Their employees take part in an internal program where they bring their recyclables to work.  And many of the suppliers and contractors they work with make use of re-usable materials.

fair trade logo

Cafe Britt also practices Fair Trade, by paying the Columbian coffee farmers above market prices and ensuring their working conditions meet or exceed the standards of the International Fair Trade Organization.  And since 2003, the company has won many awards, which you can see here.

Grupo Britt NV Assists The Planet Financially, Too

In addition. Britt provides financial support, and its top executives give their time and energy to environmental organizations that include:

proparques logo

Britt is an active member of ProParques, an organization created by a group of academics, conservationists and business people with the shared goal of improving Costa Rica’s National Parks. The organization seeks practical and immediate solutions to the problems of understaffing and funding within the country’s protected, wildlife areas.

amigos logo

Britt is a “Guaria” and “Bosque” Member of Amigos de los Parques Nacionales, a membership program created by ProParques, Fundecor and SINAC to provide individuals, organizations, tour companies and other businesses a chance to prove their commitment to the sustainability of Costa Rica’s national parks.

aqua logica logo

Grupo Britt NV is a pioneer in implementing at its company headquarters innovative urinals that greatly reduce water consumption.  These Acualogica-brand urinals have a visionary, water-saving design to reduce flushing. The company is commited to conserving the planet’s valuable hydro resource.

And If That Isn’t Enough, Check Out A Sampe Of Some Of The Grupo Britt NV Products!

Peru Pachamama Organic Coffee

Harvested to ensure biodiversity and harmony with nature, this superb dark roast is deserving of its namesake – the Quechua word for “Mother Earth.” It’s grown in the Quillabamba region in Peru, near the famous “lost city of the Incas,” Machu Picchu. It grows beneath the soft shade of native-species trees and is nourished by the region’s own natural nutrients. This growing method preserves native flora and fauna, ensuring pure supplies of water and fertile soils for future generations of small-scale farmers. Café Britt Pachamama is certified organic by international organizations.

Octagonal Chocolate Sampler

8 of Café Britt’s very best chocolate candy creations, all packed in a beautiful gift box. It includes an assortment of Café Britt’s most popular flavors. You can find chocolate covered pineapple, guava or passion fruit; chocolate covered macadamia or cashews. Of course, you can’t miss our famous fresh roasted coffee beans, all covered in creamy white or dark gourmet chocolate. So many flavors, so little time!

White Chocolate Covered Lime

Inspired by Florida’s favorite Key Lime Pie and world-famous citrus groves, these small, white orbs are big on refreshing, tropical flavor. We’ve covered tangy lime-jelly chews in creamy white chocolate for a sweet treat that refreshes like a cool, ocean breeze. Packed in a colorful Miami-inspired bag, they’re as great for giving as they are for snacking.


Gourmet Hot Cocoa

 Hot Cocoa that’s silk for the palate and satin for the soul. Our delicious Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa is made from the finest cocoa beans and pure cane sugar. Ideal for a moment of ultimate indulgence or fine giving to your favorite chocolate lovers. To make a perfect cup of hot chocolate, mix 2 tablespoons of Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa into 6 ounces of hot milk and stir well. Now comes the best part! Sit back and savor how rich and delicious hot chocolate can be. Each 14.1oz container makes 18 servings.

Guava Cookies

Get ready for a fruitful, chewy crunch! These all natural artisan cookies burst with bits of pure, guava jelly. Tangy and tropical, our cookies are made from the finest, all-natural ingredients, packed warm & fresh from the oven. Don’t look for any artificial additives or flavorings here. You won’t find any! Just bits of chewy guava fruit enveloped in a delightful, subtle crunch.

coffee cups

Doesn’t all that sound just awesome?!  If you are drooling just reading this, then head on over to the YPS Bookstore, pickup a new book on pets and get some fab coffee as well!  And know that you’re doing something great for animals and the environment as you shop with us.

Joy Jones

Joy Jones, our Editor In Chief, is a syndicated columnist living with her husband Dave in Las Cruces, New Mexico. When not working on Your Pet Space, she writes a metaphysical column, as well as urban fantasy and humor. You can e-mail her at joy@yourpetspace.info as well as follow her on Facebook.

What’s New At Your Pet Space?


So…what’s new this week?

We have created a dedicated page to The Big E-Book Project!  Please check out this link at the top of our main page.  We are looking for any and all dog/cat/horse owners to contribute to this project.

Affiliate News

petbrosiaPetbrosia contacted us this week and invited YPS to do a free trial and product review on both their dog and cat food.  Watch this space for the result!


In addition, three new contributors have been added to the Staff Page.  We are proud to introduce you to Tina Caldwell (professional dog and horse trainer), Cindy Huff (professional animal communicator) and Tina Whitehair (professional web designer for YPS).  Please check out their profiles and drop them a note with your questions and comments.

 We are always looking for quality content for Your Pet Space–from both pet professionals and pet owners.  This includes articles, interviews, product reviews, book reviews and your personal experiences.  Please contact us at joy@yourpetspace.info 


News News News

New Affiliate Announcement!

We are excited to welcome our latest affiliate, Cesar’s Way.  Yes, you can now buy products through our site from Cesar Milan, the famous Dog Whisperer!

In addition, we added text only links, so you can leave your ad-blocker on if you prefer and still get access to great bargains.  We are in negotiations with more companies and expect to be adding more each week.  In the meantime, you can help us in three ways:  1) Continue to shop through our Recommended Providers, Products and Services Page, 2) let us know where you most like to shop for your pets.  3) Send us your product reviews!

Speaking of Product Reviews…

You will notice we have added a new page showing off our current writing and testing staff.  We are always looking for guest bloggers and product testers…so drop us a line at joy@yourpetspace.info to volunteer!

And Now, To Howloween!!!

We are very pleased to announce that as of today we are accepting pics for a new costume contest for your pets!  Some wonderful prizes are being put together from local sponsors–but even if you are one of our readers from Canada, Germany, India or the UK, you can still win!  Here are the contest rules:

1.)  You must subscribe to the Your Pet Space newsletter to qualify to enter.  To subscribe, look for the yellow tabs on the side of each page, or e-mail us at joy@yourpetspace.info saying you want to be added.

2) Submit a picture of your pet(s) in costume to trekwriter2@gmail.com no later than Nov 2nd at midnight.  You may submit separate photos of different pets to be entered more than once!

3.)  Send a link to our site once the voting poll goes up to all your friends so they can vote for you.

4.) Winners will be announced on Sunday, November 10th and prizes awarded in the following week!

5.) You are giving us permission by entering the contest to display photos of your pet in costume (and your photo also, if you like) on Your Pet Space for promotional purposes.

Ok, ready, set–costume!  Hint: check out the sale link to Halloween costumes for your pet here: Halloween Shop – Scary fun for all costumes, treats, toys, and events at PetSmart.com!







Product News!

We are pleased to announce the first three companies to affiliate with us are Petsmart, the ASPCA and Pet Food Direct!  We expect to be offering special deals right here on our website for our visitors, and adding even more affiliates over the coming weeks.

Please remember to go through our Recommended Products and Services page to shop at these stores.  By doing so, you can trust we have dealt with all of the companies listed there and have had a positive experience.  You’ll also be helping to keep Your Pet Space up and running!

Look for product reviews here as we test new vendors and items.  As always, we are here to serve every need of you and your pets.