FEATURE: Ask The Trainer

Tina C

Hi!  My name is Tina Caldwell. I have been training dogs and their families for about twenty years. I like to work with all kinds of dogs and people.  I have shown and competed in many different events over the years.   Some of my specialties are conformation, obedience and agility trials.  My favorite breed of dog is the cane corso.

          One of the questions I get asked a lot is:

Why should I take my puppy to obedience school?  

All pups should attend at least twelve weeks of school to have a good social foundation. All pups need to develop good social skill by being in a group class with other folks and pups.   I have found over the years, that folks tend to wait until problems develop with the pup, then decide to bring the pup to school.  It is easier to bring the pup to school and teach all the basic things a pup should know.  Simple  tasks such as sit, down, stay, come, leave it and loose leash walking.  It is nice to have a trainer on hand to help with things as the pup grows and changes. What I like best about puppy class is the pups coming and having a good play time with their puppy friends.              

Have a great day!

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