Looking for An Ecard? Try Sloppy Kiss!

cat-freetrial(1) Sloppy Kiss Cards is an animated ecard service for pet lovers and pet businesses. It’s the only pet ecard service where you get to choose and name the pet that stars in your animated ecard. There are over 250 dogs, cats and more pets to choose from!

Sloppy Kiss Cards is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was founded in 2006 by avid pet lover Nicole Stocker. After spending several years working at Microsoft Nicole felt she was barking up the wrong tree and that it was time to combine her digitally developed sensibilities with her love of animals. Inspired by the many pets – past and present – in Nicole’s life, in June of 2006 Sloppy Kiss Cards became a bone-a-fide business. First it was just dogs, then cats were added in March 2007 and as of April 2009 a whole new crew of pets joined the Sloppy Kiss Cards family including: horses, birds, fish, rabbits, pigs, monkeys, chickens, frogs, and more! Finally, in 2011 a Pet Business Ecard Service was added to provide pet businesses with a unique and fun way to keep in touch with their clients.

Nicole likes to think of Sloppy Kiss Cards as the post office for a global community of pet lovers. Read what our members have to say about Sloppy Kiss Cards. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page to read even more comments.

To honor the immeasurable contribution our canine and feline companions make, Nicole donates part of each ecard membership to the Petfinder.com Foundation, a foundation that helps homeless pets find loving homes.

We are so excited that Nicole and her company have joined us in our Bookstore and we hope you’ll check out her amazing selection of fun ecards–especially for Valentine’s Day!