Introducing Our New Associate Editor!

Today I am very excited to tell you that we have a new Associate Editor,

Doug White!

Doug White

Doug came to work for us at Your Pet Space in April of this year, and quickly has become one of our best all around dog handlers, front desk assistants and merchandisers!  Many of you reading this have interacted with Doug at the front desk on Monday or Tuesday evenings, checking your dogs in or out.

Here is even more about Doug:

Doug has worked in customer service for over 24 years, with 13 years of that experience being at Chuck E. Cheese’s. (And, yes, he wore the mouse costume throughout that adventure). He has four little four-legged munchkins in his family named Peeta, Clyde, Oreo, and Peggy Sue. After adopting Clyde from Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary in 2013, he began volunteering for the organization. This experience ignited a passion for learning about different dog breeds and individual dogs’ varying personalities. Doug is a huge country music fan, an avid reader of sci-fi/fantasy/horror, and a (very) amateur gardener and hiker.

Doug plans to sit for his Professional Animal Care Provider exam in October, and we have no doubt he’ll pass with flying colors!



1) Purchases content
2) Promotes the publication to be an editorial and commercial success
3) Manages the magazine so that it provides readers with high quality content
4) Defines the editorial positions/hires new editors
5) May assist with posting content to the site

Jessica/Managing Editor

1) suggests ideas, receives article pitches
2) assigns article ideas to the editors
3) handles problems, keeps the editorial staff on schedule and answers questions from department editors
4) determines the importance of articles and what goes up in what order
5) May assist with posting content to the site

Doug/Associate Editor

  1. Assists the Managing editor and the Publisher with…
  2. Writing, editing, story selection
  3. Receives and sifts through the submissions and sends the best to the Managing Editor, who will confer with the Publisher on selections
  4. Posts selected content to the site

I’m very excited for those of you who will get to interact with Doug for the first time.  He’s a lot of fun, and very kind and caring to our pet cadets!

Again, Congratulations, Doug!