Adopt A Senior Dog!

Ever thought about adopting a senior dog? There are many reason to consider adopting one. It can be much more devastating to the older dog that ends up at a shelter.  So you are saving a life!
        First off, at what age is a dog considered a senior? Vets suggest around the age of seven. Smaller dogs mature slower then larger dogs.

   So why adopt a senior?  Shelters are full of seniors that often get overlooked through no fault of their own. These are a few reasons why older dogs are given up: the pet’s family has lost their job or home, death of a guardian, change of lifestyle. Those are just a few.

Older dogs are often looked at as problem dogs. This is not the case.  Older dogs can be calmer and less energetic.  Most of the time, older dogs are potty trained  These dogs make great companions, and YES, OLDER DOGS CAN LEARN NEW TRICKS!

  So next time you are looking for a new dog consider a senior dog!

Check out these vids on senior dogs!


Tina CaldwellTina Caldwell has been training dogs and their families for about twenty years. She likes to work with all kinds of dogs and people, and has shown and competed in many different events over the years.   Some of her specialties are conformation, obedience and agility trials.  Her favorite breed of dog is the Cane Corso. You can contact Tina through Petsmart Eastgate in Cincinnati, or at