New Mexico: The Next Generation

Hello once again, loyal Cincinnati readers!

It’s really unusual for us, as you know, but you may have seen that our blog has not been updated since July!  Some of you have even sent us new blog posts that have not yet been published.  We’d like to apologize for that.  BUT, there’s a very good reason for all of this!


What’s Been Happening With Our Big Move

A big move has been in the works for Your Pet Space for some time, and in the last three months we have started to make it happen.  Let me fill you in a bit…

As most of you already know, Your Pet Space was started last September as a sole proprietorship pet service business, based online.  But as of this September, we have become a Corporation and are seeking a physical location to expand our services!

moving forward

The Big Move

When we started YPS, we were based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In the last few months, though, Dave and I have been looking across the country for a suitable location to add a physical pet day care, boarding and general wellness facility.  We searched in Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Las Cruces, New Mexico (one of our favorite vacation spots over the years).

sonoma ranch

In the end, we have decided to start the new chapter of YPS in Las Cruces–and over the past week, we have moved there!  (A four day journey by road, taking along our three dogs and two cats, which you have probably already met on our staff page.)  We anticipate many new blog posts about what we learned on this trip–and maybe even some product reviews!

cincy tri state


What This Means For You In Cincinnati And The Ohio Valley Tri-State

Now, if you are one of our followers or customers in Cincinnati, you’re probably going, “What the–?” right about now.  And we want to assure you that we will never forget or abandon our home town.  You can still shop through our affiliate links for great deals, and we will still promote pet adoptions and organizations there.  However, for awhile you may see more posts about Las Cruces, New Mexico pet organizations and the good work they’re doing here in the southwest, as we expand our network of contacts into this area.

We’ll keep you updated as well on our new facility (once we find the right one) and everything that happens along this journey.  In the meantime, feel free to comment to this post, ping us on live chat, contact us in e-mail or through our Contact Us page.  We love to hear from you and welcome your feedback at any time.

Above all, we hope you’ll stay along for the ride on this wild journey we’ve made into the west!  You have all become dear and wonderful family to us, and we love you.

Joy and Dave Jones

Joy and Dave, Your Pet Space, Inc.

Joy and Dave, Your Pet Space, Inc.