News And Polls


We are excited to announce today that Barnes & Noble Booksellers has joined our team of Recommended Providers, Products And Services!  You will now see at the top of that page the first two books we are recommending–reviews for these will be coming up shortly.  But feel free to shop for ANY books after hitting either of those links–you will still be helping to keep Your Pet Space up and running.  And don’t forget we want YOUR reviews on pet related books as well.  So get reading, and send them in to us.  🙂


Now, speaking of this being YOUR Pet Space, we’d like to get your opinion on some changes we’re thinking of making to the website.  Please help us out by taking the three polls at the top of the main page called “Newsletter Signup”, “Pet Causes and Petitions” and “Splash Page”.  We’ll let you know the results soon!