Dog Food Supplement Review: Prozyme

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dog food

The first time I heard about Prozyme was when my dog, Seba, came to live with us.  Since their diet is so poor at the track, greyhounds often have a hard time adjusting to high grade dog food.  Prozyme was recommended as a food additive.  Since then, I’ve learned it is often used for:

Dry or scaly coat
Digestive disorders
Immune disorders
Weight problems—can’t gain weight or keep weight on
Coprophagia—consuming feces
Skin problems
Joint difficulties
Excessive shedding
Wound healing

Prozyme consists of four enzymes, completely natural, entirely made from plants.  All ingredients in Prozyme are human grade, and can be fed at every meal you give your pet, throughout its life.  Its effect is cumulative, so you should expect to see results in about eight weeks.  Because it increases bioavailability (how much the digestive system is able to absorb) of the nutrients in your pet’s food, you may, over time, want to decrease the amount you’re feeding, to prevent weight gain.

When Seba arrived from the track she was underweight, and her coat was dull from poor nutrition.  At her foster home for the first two weeks, she had had diarrhea while adjusting to dry dog food (from the raw hamburger fed at the track).  By the time she came home with us, though, this was mostly gone, thanks to the Prozyme.

But soon we started giving this product to our Brittany, Castle, also.  Being a bird dog, as a puppy she had a tendency to want to eat baby birds she found in our hedges, and we were worried she might develop a digestive issue because of this and her proclivity for chewing on anything around our yard—including poop!

I’ve previously written about the periodic vomiting issues with our Basset, Hoagy in this article.  We tried Prozyme with him also, but in the end he needed a pro-biotic, which we added by changing his dog food entirely.  Now that I know more about Prozyme, though, I’ll be adding it back, too.

Bottom line:  this is an amazing product that YPS highly recommends!  And by the way, it’s great for cats, too.  Paws Up, Prozyme!  🙂

seba 300

I am Seba, and I approve this message.

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Awhile back, we reviewed a product called the Cat It Senses Motion Activated Illuminated Ball.  We just wanted you to know that outside product testers we had trying this toy with their cats were unsuccessful getting any interest (regardless of age and activity levels, unfortunately.)  So this product gets a “Paws Down”.  Sorry, Hagen, Inc.

Your Pet Space product tester, DingleI am Dingle, and I disapprove of this product–hiss!

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