Your Big E-Book Project


Attention, Rescues, Shelters and Writers!

Introducing… The Pitch Your Breeds E-Book Project!

Your Pet Space will soon have its own E-Books for sale.  And YOU can help us create them.  Yes, you.

Our first two E-Books will be, Pitch Your Pure Breed and Pitch Your Unique Breed.

They will be in a “Chicken Soup For The Soul ” style, and written by shelters and rescues OR volunteer writers, with descriptions of pets currently needing forever homes.  Further, ALL the proceeds (except production costs) will now go to a rescue in need.  (We’ve chosen Lil’ Paw Prints Animal Rescue Haven as our first recipient organization).

Pitch Your Pure Breed will be exactly that: descriptions of current shelter dogs that are purebred, and what’s wonderful about each of them.

Pitch Your Unique Breed is especially about mutts!  Based on a concept used in Costa Rica, an adoption org helped to get mixed breed dogs new homes by advertising their mutts as “Unique Breeds”.  An example would be a “fire-tailed border cocker”.  (They were adopting out a border collie/cocker mix with a flame colored tail–hence the name.)

We are currently looking for volunteer writers AND rescues and shelters who want to help create these e-books and find pets new homes.  Know one?  Send them our way!

Shelters and Rescues will be able to participate in our reciprocal links program.

Volunteer writers will be given credit in the books and may be offered a profile section on our staff page where they can highlight their own portfolio of work.


 But pet owners can contribute to our e books also!  Just write a paragraph about your favorite pet and we’ll publish it in one of these:

Your Good Pet  (training)

Your Holistic Pet

Your Heroic Pet

Your Senior Pet

Bat Dog Death

As soon as we complete the books, we’ll be creating our own special program where contributors can earn money by referring people to our sales links. 

Just send any submissions (text and photos, if you like) for either book to:

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