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These providers offer pet supplies of all kinds.

Pet Supplies And More At Amazon

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Have an Amazon Prime Membership?  You can use it right on our site and get free two day shipping on most items.  When it’s critical we find the absolutely best price and the greatest variety of shopping options–we go here.

Did you know that Amazon’s current logo was designed to depict a smile that goes from A to Z? “This signifies that the company is willing to deliver everything to everyone, anywhere in the world.”

only natural petDERMagic Certified Organic Shampoo Bars starting at $8.39

Only Natural Pet Wild Boar Liver Pet Treats

What’s In Your Pet’s Food?

We buy from Only Natural Pet.  Our dogs love their natural training treats!  They have an unacceptable ingredients list you can view, so you fully understand what’s in your pet’s food.  They offer a 100% guarantee, support sustainability with natural treats and foods for dogs and cats, and often feature sales of overstocked items.

When Crinkles, dog of Only Natural Pet owner Marty Grosjean, was rescued in 2002, he thought: If I’m thriving on a natural life, why wouldn’t Crinkles? The difference was night and day. And so to share the health, Only Natural Pet was founded in 2004.


Petsmart–A large variety of top brands and they often run specials through our website.  If you want to purchase products you saw in your local store but want the convenience of having them shipped to your door, shop here.

Founded in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1994, PetSmart also formed PetSmart Charities, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending euthanasia and finding homes for homeless pets.

PetSmart owns several brands that produce a variety of products including Grreat Choice (previously Award) which is a line of dog food as well as dog and cat hard goods. Authority is a premium dog and cat food line that PetSmart distributes andSimply Nourish is a super-premium dog and cat food line offering canned and dry food, limited ingredient, and grain-free formulas. Top Paw is a private label used for dog and cat hard goods. PetSmart owns several brands which produce additional products for felines also including Toy Shoppe and Whisker City which produces cat and dog toys and furniture.

doggyloot logo

Latest greatest deals from DoggyLoot!

Toy Of The Month Deal

Mini Naturals Treat Deal

Doggyloot–If you love a good deal and like shopping for bargains, you’ll love this! They dreamed up Doggyloot for two reasons: they think dogs make the world a better place, and they wanted to create a new, fun way for dog lovers to discover the very best chews, toys, treats and more at the very best prices.  Doggyloot aims to extend these same good vibes to your shopping experience. They help you find exactly what your hound craves at competitive prices, and then ship it all free, straight to your door. Their product team carefully researches and tests everything they sell–and do not carry any edibles made in China.  You can save up to 75% on treats, beds, even pet themed jewelry!  Check out their Toy Of The Month auto ship–we love it!Lowest Price Guaranteed

cherrybrookFree Shipping on orders $75 or more with code SHIPCABIN

10% off your order with code SAVECABIN

Check out Cherrybrook’s grooming and show ring supply store–They are the exclusive sponsor of the American Kennel Club Online Store, have been the only general grooming and show ring supply vendor at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for over forty years and were named a Retailer of the Year by Pet Product News for their Outstanding Holistic Approach.  They carry everything from tack crates to agility training supplies–and even offer special colognes, stain removers and other enhancing items for your dog’s coat.  In addition, they carry cat supplies.

Cherrybrook’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1969, when Saint Bernard enthusiast Wayne Ferguson identified a need for show dog handlers to have easy access to the products and tools to win in the show ring. He established Cherrybrook to meet those needs, originally selling with great enthusiasm from the back of his station wagon, and eventually building the business into a leading international supplier of premium dog show products.

Claudia and Roy Loomis, Cherrybrook’s owners since 2005, make pet health and customer satisfaction the company’s top priorities. They personally choose the products available on the website, in stores, and at dog shows, selecting all-natural and holistic foods and treats, proven supplements, top-of-the-line grooming supplies and quality goods from safety-conscious manufacturers. So you can always shop at Cherrybrook with confidence that you are getting what’s best for your pet.

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